14 Mai

Materion Ariannol

A team of performing arts students from St David's College have qualified as finalists in the Money for Life Challenge and performed in a showcase at the Senedd on the 8th May 2012. The team is called 'Debtly Matters' and they came up with the innovative idea of using drama to improve the money management skills of the lower sixth form. The project was performed by St David's students Joe Tod, Rhiannan Nogan, Otis Lloyd, Kate Chadwick and Garin Wilcox.

The thought provoking 20 minute drama piece follows the lives of five characters who have undertaken their first year at university, each character had made their own unique money spending decisions which was demonstrated through monologues and group pieces. The team was under the direction of performing arts teacher Kris Crowley and the dramatic performance enhanced their skills of presentation and communication with the audience. 

Otis Lloyd said: "As students who are thinking about going to univeristy, it really made us consider how good we would be with our money. It's a daunting thought living on a minimal budget without our parents to rely on, but we are all feeling a bit more confident that we will be able to do it."

Otis added: "The feedback from students was positive and the performance sparked a lot of interesting discussions. Students told us that they enjoyed learning about money management in this way rather than sitting through a teacher-led tutorial."