02 Mai

SDCC & Swansea University Swan-Linx Project Success

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This year, our BTEC Diploma in Sport students have been involved in the successful Swan-Linx Programme.

Started in 2013 in Swansea, and introduced to Cardiff in 2017, the Swan-Linx project is a continuation of the Sportlinx project undertaken in Liverpool from 1996 to 2013.

In Cardiff, it is a collaborative fitness and lifestyle project between Swansea University and St David's College which promotes participation in physical activity, reducing sedentary behaviour, encouraging the consumption of a healthy, well-balanced diet, and promoting social growth and development.

The project involves inviting local school children in years five and six (9-11 years of age) to engage in a physical activity 'fun day' programme, where they can learn about themselves and their health, and have fun in a physically stimulating and challenging environment.

This year we have had three primary school groups visit the College for the 'fun day', and our students have been there to meet and greet them, take them for warm ups and carry out a series of fitness tests on the pupils in order to help with data collection.

Data acquired from the programme provides valuable insight into the health status of children and can aid a diverse range of research into pediatric exercise behaviour.

We are hoping to continue to provide this opportunity for our students to take part in for many years to come as it has been a beneficial experience all round, and good opportunity for our students.